Pediatric Dermatology

At Arsenault Dermatology, We Care For the Whole Family

Arsenault Dermatology is a leader in Pediatric Dermatology, specializing in treatment and management of diseases of the skin, nails, and hair in infants, children, and adolescents.

Our primary task is to quickly and compassionately find the cause of your child’s problem. Our practitioners work together with you and your child to create a treatment plan. All our treatments are approached in the most gentle and effective way possible, all performed in an environment designed to be supportive and caring.

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Pediatric skin conditions treated at Arsenault Dermatology clinic:


There are numerous skin conditions that children may suffer from, and each condition has its own unique causes and symptoms. They could be caused by a variety of viruses and infections, as well as different diseases of internal organs. The ability to timely and correctly recognize the specific changes on the skin of a child provides early diagnosis, improves the effectiveness of therapy and a prognosis for the future.

Your child’s treatment will depend on his/her specific skin condition. During the consultation, one of our skilled pediatric dermatologists will be able to properly diagnose your child’s condition, and help get you started on the best treatment plan available. Medical solutions may include medication, light therapy, cryosurgery, surgical removal, depending on their specific condition.

Treatments utilized at Arsenault Dermatology clinic:


Skin is the largest organ of our body, that’s why it’s health and a general sense of comfort is essential for all of us. But child’s skin is more sensitive and vulnerable to various adverse factors, that’s why often it is more productive to address a doctor who specializes in pediatric dermatology and has a deep understanding of age specificities.

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Pediatric Dermatology In Bradenton And Lakewood Ranch

When should your child see a pediatric dermatologist?

  • At occurrence of rashes, formations, peeling, and dryness of the skin;
  • In case of discoloration of the child’s skin.
  • If a child has intense itchy sensations, soreness or discomfort that make him or her nervous and affect daily activities;
  • When you notice severe dandruff, slowing of hair growth or hair loss;
  • In case of changes in coloring of fingernails, their thinning or thickening;
  • In cases your child had been diagnosed with any of these chronic skin diseases – atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, urticaria;
  • After your child or people who are in close personal contact with the child were tested positively for infectious skin diseases – scabies, lice, microsporia and the like.