Botox, Not Just For The Girls

Botox procedure for manFull lips. Smooth skin. A more youthful appearance. These are some of the first words that come to mind when you think of Botox.

You might also associate all of these things with women, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t consider Botox for men, too. If you’re a guy, don’t be embarrassed to ask your dermatologist about Botox treatments. You’d be far from the first man to enjoy the benefits of this treatment.

Smooth Out Wrinkles

Worrying about wrinkles isn’t something only women do. Men want to look younger, too, and the easiest way to look younger is to have younger-looking skin. Botox injections in and around your face and neck will smooth out wrinkles and creases, particularly around your eyes and mouth. The Botox compound is a muscle and nerve relaxer, which makes the tissue around the injection site smoother, fuller and softer with regular injections.

Forget Forehead Creases

Botox for men

Some people are born with foreheads that have a lot of creases, particularly between the eyebrows. As you age, your forehead may develop these creases even if it originally was fairly smooth. A creased forehead makes you look older and more upset. Men who want to retain their youthful appearance or make themselves appear more friendly will tackle these creases with the help of a dermatologist and Botox.

Control Embarrassing Perspiration

Your skin’s appearance may not be the first thing on your mind. Instead, you may experience a chronic condition such as excessive sweating, particularly when active or nervous. Wet armpits stain clothing and give off terrible first impressions to clients, potential employers and first dates. Even worse, sweat sometimes gives off a strong odor, too.

Botox for men can actually control the sweating in your armpits the same way it decreases wrinkles: by relaxing the muscles and nerves in the area. You’ll be surprised how much more confident you’ll be knowing you’re not going to sweat to the point where other people can see and smell it.

If there’s any little issue about your skin that’s been bothering you, discuss it with a dermatologist. As you’ve seen, Botox doesn’t just improve a person’s appearance—it can make chronic problems like excessive sweating a thing of the past, too. Botox benefits men as much as it does women. You just have to get past your preconceived notions of what the treatment can do.

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