Cosmetic Fillers Explained: What They Are and Who Benefits From Them

May 9th, 2015

fillerIt’s a mistake to assume that all cosmetic procedures are invasive and involve tucking, pulling and stitches. There are far too many people who wish their skin was brighter, tighter and more youthful who don’t see a dermatologist to discuss their options when there are alternatives to surgery like fillers that could transform their appearances. Don’t make the same mistake. Speak with Dr. Arsenault about injections today.

Fillers Explained: What They Are and How Fast They Work

Cosmetic fillers are among the fastest-working cosmetic treatments, as they provide near-instant results. You may be familiar with some popular brands, such as Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Belotero, and Latisse. Each of these has its fans and one or more is sure to work well for you. Fillers are comprised of synthetic and sometimes natural substances that are similar to the body’s own natural collagen.

Collagen is the building block of the epidermis that’s responsible for skin’s firm and taut appearance. We make more collagen when we’re younger. As we age, we produce less collagen, so wrinkles and lines develop. Fillers replenish this area instantly, and once the injection site has stopped swelling within a few hours or a day or two at most, you have tighter, smoother skin.

People Who Benefit the Most From Fillers

Adults of all ages benefit from fillers. Ask Dr. Arsenault about these injections if:

  • You have visible wrinkles and lines on your face;
  • You have skin damage from tanning;
  • Your skin is uneven from scarring;
  • You want fuller cheeks, lips or temples or you want more volume around your jawline;
  • You want tighter skin on your hands.

Fillers aren’t just for treating the skin on your face. Anyone who’s got hallowed skin or who’s experiencing wrinkles due to aging can benefit from these compounds. They are temporary, but the results last many months before you need another injection.

Opting for Fillers in Florida

Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch residents are fortunate to have Dr. Arsenault at their call. She designs a completely individualized treatment plan by discussing your skin care goals as well as how quickly you want results. She may recommend fillers on their own or fillers as part of a regular skin care regimen that includes protecting your skin from the Florida sun to slow down the development of wrinkles.

Pick up the phone or schedule an appointment with Dr. Arsenault online to get a filler consultation. She’s also available for teledermatology appointments if you’re too busy to have your first appointment in person. Fillers are the fast and less invasive way to look younger and feel more confident about your appearance.

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