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Who Needs Mohs Surgery?

  • Indicated for aggressive Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinomas located on the face
  • Personal history of Melanoma.
  • Lots of moles (more than 50).
  • A personal history of biopsy-proven atypical (dysplastic) moles.
  • A personal history of 1+ severe sunburns (even sunburns in childhood).
  • Noticing any changes of individual moles or freckles.

Our Treatments:

Blue Light Therapy
Cryotherapy (freezings)
Incision and Drainage
Interlesional Therapy
Patch Testing for Allergies
Skin Biopsy
Skin Screenings
Wart Removal
Wound Cultures

An effective technique for removing most common types of skin cancer. Stood the test of time since 1930’s.

Mohs micrographic surgery is a popular skin cancer treatment with high cure rate. Its main advantage is the ability to keep as much healthy skin tissue as possible without compromising the quality of surgeons’ work. The damage caused by this procedure is minimal, which is of particular importance if cancer develops in the areas where the skin preservation is paramount, like face, eyelid, ears, genitals, hands or feet. It usually does not require hospitalization.

How Mohs surgery works

Mohs Surgery Process

It takes several hours to carry out the whole process of Mohs surgery

The procedure is typically performed under a local anesthesia when patients remain awake and alert. It is safely carried out in a medical office. Hospitalization is required only in case the surgery has to be extensive. The surgery is conducted in three or four stages depending on situation: I. The skin in the area of the excision is anesthetized, and the surgeon removes the skin lesion with a small margin of surrounding tissues. II. The removed tissue is prepared for examination under a microscope. III. The surgeon examines tissue sections and checks whether there are any so-called “roots” left. In this case, an additional layer of tissue is excised. IV. Reconstruction of surgical defect if needed. The average duration of a Mohs surgery is 1-3 hours, however, for large tumors, several interventions or an operation under general anesthesia may be required. Usually the postoperative wound is sutured. It typically heals within 3-5 weeks. If the wound surface is very large, a skin transplant can be performed.

Who needs Mohs surgery?

Reconstruction after Mohs surgery

Before Mohs SurgeryBefore
After Mohs SurgeryAfter
A small wound just heals itself leaving almost no scars. In case of a bigger wound, a reconstruction procedure is carried out by moving a flap or a graft of skin from other part of a patient’s body.

Mohs surgery in Bradenton and Sarasota at Arsenault Dermatology

Arsenault Dermatology is a 9-time People’s Choice Award Winner. We provide world-class medical and cosmetic skin care at 3 convenient locations within the Sarasota, Bradenton, and Lakewood Ranch areas.

We offer fully equipped surgical facilities, huge experience in conducting Mohs operations and a balanced pricing policy. Our skilled medical staff and fellowship trained Mohs surgeons are here to help you to combat skin cancer disease successfully!

Our specialists

Dr. Emily Emily F. Arsenault, MD, FAAD – CEO, Dermatologist & Surgeon
Dr. Emily Conor P. Dolehide, MD – Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Specialist


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