Anticipating Your Appointment: Understanding the PA’s Role

dermatology specialist at workWhat’s a PA?” you might be asking yourself, “And what can she do for me when I’m at my appointment?” “PA” stands for “physician assistant,” and all the best dermatology specialists have them. When scheduling an appointment with Dr. Arsenault, you may be told a PA will see you or a PA will be along with Dr. Arsenault to assist in the procedure. This is a professional, an expert in skin a dermatologist relies on to make sure her patients get treated quickly and skillfully.

Recognizing the Signs of a Good Dermatologist

You have a mole you think is oddly shaped or colored. Your teen suffers from constant acne breakouts. You want to look younger and firm some of those fine lines and wrinkles on your face and neck. Whatever brings you to Dr. Arsenault, rest assured that she meets all of the signs of a good dermatologist, such as:

  • Employing the best PAs
  • Receiving impartial recognition
  • A willingness to work with the patient
  • A variety of treatment options, including both medications and topical creams as well as injections and laser and light treatments
  • Expanded locations and office hours

The best dermatologists make it easy for you to make an appointment and for you to afford your appointment. With Medicare and most insurances accepted, Dr. Arsenault’s dermatology treatment meets every budget.

What the Dermatology Physician Assistant Does for You

A PA is a dermatology specialist with years of experience in the field. She can make some treatment judgment calls on her own, but she always performs under the doctor’s supervision. She may be in the room with the doctor and help her during a treatment, preparing the equipment and handing her tools. Or she may meet with you one-on-one when Dr. Arsenault is seeing other patients so you get faster service. Still, Dr. Arsenault will be involved with your treatment and make sure her PAs discuss all of your treatment options with you. If you’re concerned about seeing a PA instead of Dr. Arsenault, look no further than the stellar feedback her PAs receive.

Getting Your Skin Concerns Looked at in the Florida Area

If you’re concerned about your skin dermatologist hunting may prove overwhelming. It doesn’t have to. Dr. Arsenault and her assistants have been voted the best in the area for six years in a row. Florida presents a unique challenge when it comes to dermatology and skin care, thanks to the warm weather and those bright UV rays. You need a doctor who can treat your current issues and help you prevent further damage.
Schedule an appointment with Dr. Arsenault and her PAs for the best dermatology treatment in the Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch areas. There are two locations for your convenience, and you can even request a consultation online soon to get the discussion about your skin care needs started.

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