Same But Poles apart: The Difference Between Psoriasis and Eczema

November 10th, 2015

photo-116913Did you hear about what happened to Kate?

Yeah, I heard she got psoriasis from that excursion from last week.

Psoriasis? I swear it was eczema!

Nah, you’re wrong! I know a case of psoriasis from eczema.

But do we really?

It knows no such thing as timing and it usually appears in the worst places. Those itchy spots with red blotches to match. It’s annoying and it’s disturbing. But we can’t help but figure out whether we should call it eczema or psoriasis.

Remember, it will always be your Bradenton dermatologist’s call but psoriasis and eczema are two of the most common skin conditions that plague the common man. It’s common enough to be contracted by just about anybody but the problem is that the symptoms from the two are so similar that you can mistake one for the other. To make life a little bit better, let’s try to figure out both the similarities and difference between eczema and psoriasis.

How It Feels

Both conditions causes itching but eczema can cause a more sever itch. The itch can be so severe that there are known cases wherein the patient scratches so hard that the skin bleeds.

Psoriasis on the other hand, can be have a bearable itch but the problem is with the added symptoms. Patients who have Psoriasis experience a sting or a burn in the affected areas. Some patients even claim that they feel as if they were being swarmed and bitten by fire ants.

How it Looks

In cases of Eczema, the skin may turn red and inflamed. It may feel as if your skin is scaly or crusty at times. Touching it feels like touching the skin of a lizard. At times, leathery patches of skin may be present that can be dark in color. Sometimes, eczema can cause minor swelling.

Similarly, psoriasis may exhibit similar visual clues as eczema. The red patches may also appear and may even be silvery and scaly. The difference is that psoriasis can cause your skin to be even look thicker and more inflamed.

Where it Appears

One very common difference between psoriasis and eczema is in the areas they affect. Eczema usually appears on parts of your skin that bend. The most common areas affected by eczema include the areas behind the knees and in your inner elbow. You can also get it on your neck, ankles, and wrists.

As for psoriasis, they are found almost opposite of where you can find cases of eczema. The most common spots for psoriasis include the knees, elbows, lower back, soles of the feet, palm of your hands, and on your scalp or face.

What Causes it

Eczema is usually caused by things that irritate your skin. This includes detergents, soaps, or disinfectants. Psoriasis on the other hand is usually set off by things that cause allergic reactions like dust, pollen, mold, or food.

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