What Is Teledermatology?

March 29th, 2015

dermatology specialist at workOne of the most common mistakes a person with a dermatological issue makes is ignoring the problem. But let’s fact it—you’re a busy person, and you don’t have time to take out of your schedule and see a doctor. If the problem seems minor enough, you probably hope you can ignore it and it will go away. However, you could be letting the problem get worse. Dr. Arsenault has a solution for your dermatological needs even when you have a busy schedule, and it’s called teledermatology.

Teledermatology and You: Convenient, Effective and Fast

is basically what it sounds like: dermatological services performed over video or phone conference. You simply call Dr. Arsenault’s office, set up a time, and meet with Dr. Arsenault or her assistants digitally to discuss your problem. Whether it’s refilling a prescription for a skin condition Dr. Arsenault was previously aware of or diagnosing a new problem, she can usually do it simply by seeing the issue over the video. If she recommends you come in for further testing, you can then arrange an appointment around your schedule. However, if it proves to be a minor issue, you won’t have wasted your time by driving to the doctor’s office.

The Three Types of Patients Most Likely to Benefit from Teledermatology

Anyone with a skin-related issue could benefit from a digital dermatology appointment, but there are a few types of people who would especially benefit:

  • The busy worker or parent: It’s hard to take time out of your hectic schedule to see a doctor, especially if you think it’s only a minor issue. Let Dr. Arsenault decide if it’s in fact a minor issue. Arrange for a digital consultation to take place from the comfort of your home or your car or even office on your lunch hour.
  • The traveler: You’re from the Florida area, but business or pleasure takes you across the country or even globe frequently. If you develop a skin issue while on the go, it makes more sense to rely on your local doctor back home, one who’s invested in your long-term care. With a digital diagnosis, you can still have an appointment on the go.
  • The embarrassed young adult: If your teen is tired of dealing with acne or another skin issue but doesn’t want to go to the doctor’s office for fear she might be seen there, start her off with teledermatology so she can discuss her concerns from home with Dr. Arsenault.

Why Opt for Teledermatology in Florida?

With the bright, shining sun and endless opportunity for outdoor activities, Florida is a beautiful place to call home—but it’s also a place where your skin is more at risk. It’s essential for your skin’s health that you make regular appointments with Dr. Arsenault to monitor for issues such as skin cancer and precancerous conditions. At-home appointments make it much more convenient to stick to a regular consultation schedule.

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