How to Reduce Acne Scars

dermatology specialist at workAcne is a serious problem for teens and pre-teens, but it’s not a condition that’s guaranteed to go away once you become an adult. Besides the pimples themselves, acne scars are an issue for both those who currently suffer from acne breakouts and those who rarely breakout anymore. Reducing scars left behind after acne breakouts results in skin that’s more even in tone, which results in a boost in self-confidence for adolescents and adults alike.

Acne Scars and Confidence in Adolescents

Thirteen-year-old John can’t bring himself to look in the mirror. A rash of pimples on his cheeks, nose, forehead and chin makes him the target of bullying and causes him to think poorly of himself. Even when the breakouts fade, the scars left behind from cystic acne or popped pimples leave his skin uneven in tone and texture. This physical scarring leaves an emotional scar on his heart.

Similarly, fifteen-year-old Rebecca wears way too much makeup to cover up the scars left behind by acne. As a result, her pores are clogged and she suffers from additional breakouts, which leads to new scars. Eventually, Rebecca doesn’t feel comfortable looking at herself without makeup, even though she’s making the problem worse with beauty products not formulated properly for her adolescent skin.

The Most Effective Acne Scar Treatment Methods

Prevention is key to reducing acne scars, and that involves using non-clogging skin care products and makeup recommended by a dermatologist. Products and treatments that aim to shrink existing pimples without causing scarring will also help.

However, when scarring is already present, a combination of the following methods might work best:

  • Skin tone corrector, lotions and ointments that target uneven tone/li>
  • Prescription topical medication
  • Blue light therapy
  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Fillers containing Hyalronic Acid

These are just a few of the options available to adolescents like John and Rebecca as well as to adults. The benefits of seeking treatment for scarring include not only more visible results, but treatment that can also work to prevent future breakouts.

Reduce Acne Scars in Florida

If you’re looking for how to reduce acne scars in the Sarasota, Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch area, consult with a dermatologist who offers both preventative and after-scarring treatment. With the right doctor, adolescents like John and Rebecca learn that prevention of scars is as important as treating existing scars, and that they must also concern themselves with protecting their skin from the Florida sun.

Schedule an appointment with a Dermatology provider who specializes in seeing kids for your pre-teen or teen suffering from acne scars. The techniques used to treat scars in adolescents can also help adults suffering from older scarred tissue, so pick up the phone or request an appointment online today.


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