The Advantages of Obagi for Middle Age

dermatology specialist at workMiddle age can prove a rewarding period in your life, but you have to be confident when it comes to your skin to fully enjoy what years of experience and life have to offer. There’s no reason why you can’t take pride in your age while aiming to look like you’re a few years (or decades) younger. It’s simply a matter of knowing what products best rejuvenate your skin. Trust Dr. Arsenault to recommend the best product for you – which might just be Obagi.

Obagi and the Most Common Middle Age Skin Care Issues

When you reach middle age, your skin has a few things in common with the skin of others your age. Obagi works to


  • Firm sagging, wrinkled skin
  • Lighten dark spots from aging, scarring and long-term sun exposure for more evenly toned skin
  • Smooth out and wrinkles and fine lines to reduce their appearance
  • Reduce skin pore size
  • Increase skin’s defense against toxins in the air
  • Improve the skin’s moisture retention

You may also still experience problems with acne and oily skin – those are not just adolescent problems. There are formulas to regulate oil production and reduce breakouts in the line as well.
Treatments that Complement the Obagi Skin Care Line.

Dr. Arsenault doesn’t just suggest skin care creams, lotions and ointments, although she may recommend those as well if they appeal to you. She also has a number of treatment options that, when combined with a full line of skin care products, will work to quickly and effectively firm and tone skin. For example, she might suggest Botox or another injection to smooth wrinkles, or she may offer light-based therapy to make your skin more evenly-toned. Discuss your options during a free consultation.

Floridians Trying Obagi: What to Consider and What to Look for

Living in Florida, your skin has been exposed to a lot of UV rays over the years, so you may have greater damage to your skin than the average American. Ask for products that treat sun damage and sunscreen that protects from future sun damage. There are also products in the line that will help your skin retain moisture, which will decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Arsenault if a line of cosmetic products interests you. She provides skin care solutions to residents throughout the Sarasota, Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch areas. She may recommend the product you have in mind, or she may suggest an additional treatment or procedure. Regardless, she’ll work with you and come up with a solution custom tailored specifically to your skin care issues.

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