Why It’s Difficult to Treat Acne at Home

at-home acne treatmentA dab of toothpaste makes your skin burn and turns your pimple bright red as it dries. Apple cider vinegar, honey, strawberries, orange peel, papaya – by the time you work your way through acne home remedies, you’ll feel more like you’re baking on your face than treating a serious skin condition. Using the wrong thing on your skin – even if it seems relatively harmless, like toothpaste – could cause irritation and worsen scarring from acne. Even if you forgot the home remedies and reach for the nearest product on the drugstore shelf, you still could do damage. Don’t take a step back when trying to eradicate pimples. Seek the expert help of Arsenault Dermatology.

Why Over the Counter Acne Remedies Don’t Seem to Work

The FDA reports cosmetic manufacturers aren’t under the same level of scrutiny as those that make drugs. A product labeled as medication to treat acne will have to go through rigorous FDA testing, while a lotion intended to treat “sensitive” or “oily” skin does not have to verify its claims. When you attempt to treat anything other than mild acne at home, you have no idea if the product will do what it claims or if it’ll work with your individual skin problem. Arsenault Dermatology has solutions that are proven to work for these issues.

A Dermatologist’s Solution to Acne – Treatment That Works

Hormone imbalances spike during adolescence, pregnancy and menstruation, which is why young adults and adult women are among the most likely to experience breakouts. Plus, some people are simply more genetically prone to oily skin and clogged pores. One needs to address all the causes of the acne before you can adequately treat it. Dr. Arsenault and her staff can do that and may suggest treatment such as:

  • FDA-approved prescription cleansers, exfoliators, gels, lotions and creams;
  • Oral medications addresses hormonal skin imbalances or control organisms;
  • Blue light therapy to shrink pores and eliminate bacteria that causes breakouts.

Dr. Arsenault will also be able to warn you against trying potentially harmful home remedies such as toothpaste, which can dry out your skin. She can also discuss the merits of certain over-the-counter products, but you should never attempt to treat a moderate to severe acne breakout without first consulting her and her team.

Treating Acne at the Best Florida Dermatologist

Arsenault Dermatology offers effective acne treatment in the Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and West Bradenton areas. If you don’t want to make the drive, opt for her office’s teledermatology. Conveniently discuss your acne problems with Dr. Arsenault via video while traveling or at home in the midst of your busy life.

Schedule an appointment with us to discuss techniques for preventing and treating acne breakouts. Cosmetic products you can buy without a prescription and home remedies are simply not as effective as professional treatment and may even cause you to have worse breakouts if not used in the proper circumstances.

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