Can My Skin Get Used To Cosmetic Products? Popular Myth Explained

Popular myth explained

We decided to address some common mistakes in the perception of the way skin care products work in a popular format of myth busting. We hope you’ll like this!

Myth 1: After some time of using your skin is getting used to the cosmetic products and therefore they should be periodically changed.

Reality: Your skin is getting used to cosmetic products no more than your body is getting used to a healthy diet. The same applies to your skin, you can use care products with healthy ingredients for as long as you want – they will always work and will always remain useful for the skin. It’s only necessary to change your cosmetic in case new problems arose. And so to buy new, just to change the old one – you run the risk of spending a lot of time and money and not finding the right one for you. N.B. Do not forget to also use a sunscreen to save your results.

Myth 2: If you use a single cream for a long time and then discard it, a “withdrawal syndrome” may occur. Probably the most frightening myth in the cosmetic industry. Many women, using an anti-aging wrinkle cream are afraid that if they stop using it, not only will old wrinkles return, but also new ones will appear.

Reality: In fact, the “withdrawal syndrome” can appear only after the use of some prescription drugs or narcotics. Substances contained in cosmetic creams even do not have the same activity as for instance steroids. Creams, lotions, foams, gels and other products that are intended for the skin care do not contain any ingredients that could cause any kind of addiction.

Sometimes it seems that the skin started to look worse or doesn’t look much better anymore, but this is only because either a new product didn’t work out for you (additional new product maybe?), or you have been spending less time taking care of the skin, or you just reached some point of improvement and forgot how it was “before”.
N.B. Keep in mind that some active cosmetic ingredients can become less effective over time, therefore product’s expiration date and storage are very important! Some ingredients, like oils or silicones, can accumulate on the skin and form kind of obstacle to other active ingredients. To avoid this from happening, do a deep cleansing or peeling from time to time.

And last, but not least, you should consider adjusting your cosmetic products to the season, change of climate, rhythm of life, diet, drugs intake and your normal aging.

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